Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holy Sh*t

Do any of you ladies mind a little cussing? I don't want to offend anyone.

So the reason for the Holy Sh*t is that I'm now out of the 250's!

Considering I started Thanksgiving off with a piece of apple pie and maybe some vanilla bean ice cream... okay there was definitely some ice cream too and it happened to be at 11 in the morning add that to all of my other transgressions and I was horrified to get on my scale.

To help get my nerve up I reset my standards yesterday and ate very well. I had a protein shake, lean protein, veggies, and lots of water. I think that must have helped flush some of the crap out of my system because I just got on the scale and had a 4.5 pound weight loss! I yelled for joy and my little Rascal joined in the celebration (not knowing why Mommy was so happy, but clearly happy to take part).

As you know I'm in the Skinny Santa Challenge and the KKKKK (I think that is the right amount of k's) Challenge so here are my numbers!!!!

Day of Surgery: 274.6

Weight as of November 11th: 253.5 (I had a 3.9 pound loss as recorded here)

Weight today: 249

Total weight lost in November:  8.4 lbs

Total weight loss since surgery: 25.6 pounds!!! 

I'm very excited and thankful for the number I got on the scale today. I had rebooted myself yesterday (even passing up ice cream when Sugar Balls and Rascal 1 had some) and seeing the loss today just makes me want to push on even harder.

I plan on doing a Thanksgiving recap later on. I couldn't wait until later to mark my weight loss!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!



  1. that is SO awesome!!! Isn't it amazing when the loss just inspires you to push harder - it makes it all worth it...that's why I had to stop the "diet", because I just couldn't take working that hard at deprivation for 2 lbs a month - can't handle it! You are doing SO well - and getting out of the 250's is a huge achievement - yay you!!

  2. Great news ! Close the door on the 250s and welcome the 240s !

  3. Congrats :o) you are kicking my butt in the Skinny Santa challenge that's for sure!

  4. That is super awesome!!! great job!