Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holy Sh*t

Do any of you ladies mind a little cussing? I don't want to offend anyone.

So the reason for the Holy Sh*t is that I'm now out of the 250's!

Considering I started Thanksgiving off with a piece of apple pie and maybe some vanilla bean ice cream... okay there was definitely some ice cream too and it happened to be at 11 in the morning add that to all of my other transgressions and I was horrified to get on my scale.

To help get my nerve up I reset my standards yesterday and ate very well. I had a protein shake, lean protein, veggies, and lots of water. I think that must have helped flush some of the crap out of my system because I just got on the scale and had a 4.5 pound weight loss! I yelled for joy and my little Rascal joined in the celebration (not knowing why Mommy was so happy, but clearly happy to take part).

As you know I'm in the Skinny Santa Challenge and the KKKKK (I think that is the right amount of k's) Challenge so here are my numbers!!!!

Day of Surgery: 274.6

Weight as of November 11th: 253.5 (I had a 3.9 pound loss as recorded here)

Weight today: 249

Total weight lost in November:  8.4 lbs

Total weight loss since surgery: 25.6 pounds!!! 

I'm very excited and thankful for the number I got on the scale today. I had rebooted myself yesterday (even passing up ice cream when Sugar Balls and Rascal 1 had some) and seeing the loss today just makes me want to push on even harder.

I plan on doing a Thanksgiving recap later on. I couldn't wait until later to mark my weight loss!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Forgive me ladies, for I have sinned


I have been a bad, bad, Bandster.

I have used my hand surgery as an excuse to eat "bad" things I shouldn't and I feel awful, both physically and mentally.

I have had Wendy's burgers, nuggets, fries.

Chinese food  by the truck load.

Enough pizza to turn me into the Dough Boy.

I can't blame the fact that I have zero restriction for my recent eating habits.  I know the band can't change what I eat it can only help me feel full sooner. I know that once I feel full I can still shove more into my pie hole even with the band. So I am not blaming my lack of restriction on why I have been eating how I have. With that said I really can't wait to feel some restriction. My next fill is on December 7th!!!

I'm taking part in the Skinny Santa Challenge and the KKKKKKKKKKKKK Challenge and have yet to do another weigh in because I have a cast on. My cast comes off on the 28th of November and I plan on doing a weigh in the next day on the 29th (so I can do it at my normal time of day). I'm not counting myself out of the challenge yet, I still think I can reach my 20 pound goal if I get my head back in the game.

I have also been slacking on the exercise. I can't walk until my husband gets home and it is almost dark at the point (no way am I walking where I live in the dark) and it is also FREEZING (Damn Maine weather) I really, really, really with a fat free cheery on top want a treadmill so badly but we don't have the cash on hand and I don't want to put it on a charge card. I also feel bad about making such a big purchase for myself during the holidays... The closest gym is 40 minutes away and it isn't even a real gym with treadmills it is a Curves... UGH. Hopefully in the new year I will be able to get a treadmill. I will use it, I promise, I know I will, I WANT to use it.

Tomorrow is a new day and I plan to make it my day! I'm going to do this.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Surgery Update

Well my wrist/hand hurts like a know what. thankfully Sugar Balls is better at puttingmy hair up than I gave him credit for. im sadly missing the opening of Breaking Dawn... Thats right I'm a geek and I love it.., Go Team Edward.. i found lots of free and cheap books at the kindle store on amazon since I can"t hold my old school paper backs... Time formore vicodin and bed, night ladies. -L

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Call me crazy.... go on you can do it.... did you do it? Ok!

I am finding myself excited about my surgery tomorrow! For a number of reasons like being able to drive and feed my baby without my hand going numb and aching.... but here is the best part.... are you ready?

I will get some SLEEP! Yup my MIL is gonna have the little ones on Friday so I can sleep all I want.... I will still get to see and play and love my little ones like I love to do... I will just also be able to sleep and rest! I'm not sure how it will work with a cast and holding my littlest one so my husband might be doing some night feedings... it is okay with him and also very okay with me :-)

I could really use the rest and also I have been dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a few years now and can't wait to get it fixed. My right hand will be worked on later in the year as long as well goes well with the left.

Have a great weekend ladies, I will be reading!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Need new shoes?

I know this isn't a deal seeking blog community but I can't help share a good deal when I see one... I know many of you exercise often and I got this great deal in my email from Reebok.

Clothes getting too big?

I thought I would post this ad that I received in my e-mail for those of you ladies needing some new SMALLER :-) clothing!!!

Old Navy

Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

1. Do your family/friends know about your blog?

The only people who know about my band are my Father, Father In Law, Mother in Law, Best Friend, and Sugar Balls (my husband). I have mentioned my blog at one time or another to all of them but only SB reads or even knows the address for my blog.

2. What is your favorite card game?

Oh geee I LOVE playing cards all kinds of games. Phase Ten, Skip-Bo, Spades, Cribbage you name it and I will play it. What I enjoy most if when SB and I get together with our friends and play poker.... we do dealers choice and I love them all. I also have a small gambling problem... good thing we only do a $5 buy in!

3. What do you wear to bed?

Usually a tank top and granny panties. With the weather getting colder I may have to increase coverage of my attire. I can't wait to get out of my granny panty phase!

4. What is your favorite kind of French Fry?

You are asking me to pick my favorite French fry? That is just crazy talk, I have never come across a fry I didn't LOVE, hence the need for the band. I live near Canada and they have this amazing delicacy called Poutine it is A-MA-ZING! It is wonderful French fries covered in gravy with cheese curds melted on top!You either love it or hate it, I love it! I haven't had it in a very long time.

I must stay away!

5. What is your usual bed time?

I go to bed as soon as my little ones are asleep. SB and I call it a crazy night when the kiddos are sleeping and we are still up til 10. We are wild like that, it's how we roll.


All I want for Christmas is 24 hours of nonstop sleep… My poor little baby Rascal is teething i.e. not sleeping, not smiling as much, not laughing as often, crying lots, and chewing endless on his poor little hands or mine. His big brother never had any trouble teething… We didn’t even know he was teething until at 8 months when a shiny white tooth appeared. There was no crying, drooling, chewing, there was nothing. Sugar Balls and I had been spoiled with our first little Rascals teething experience and in no way prepared for the heartbreak, sleep depravation, and floods of drool that teething causes. Poor little Rascal will be 5 months tomorrow and he already has to deal with this pain, it is breaking my heart.
All littlest Rascal wants for Christmas is his two front teeth!
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth (Christmas Song)
I am very thankful that not only am I able to stay home with my little ones but SB is a wonderful father. When he gets home from work he gives all his attention to our boys and me. He does not have the mind set that there is “mom jobs” and “dad jobs" he just does what needs to be done. No matter how poopy the diaper or sticky the rascal he tackles it all. I am so thankful to have him and I truly hope my boys grow up to be the man that their Daddy is.

As far as weight loss goes I haven’t done another weigh in (I try to only do it once a week). I do find myself making poorer food choices when I’m tired/busy. Do you all do that? I have been working very hard at drinking lots of water…. That sounds crazy that you have to work at drinking water but I really do. I also got an assortment of protein bars to try. I had been eating Cliff bars but they are getting a little old, I need a change.

I notice a lot of you say that you had a PB episode..know what happens when you have one but I can’t for the life of be figure out what PB stands for… what does PB stand for?

I haven’t had one from eating food alone but I have had one when I don’t wait the right amount of time to have a drink. I’m working on it but I still tend to forget and or not care and drink when I’m eating. If I take too big of a drink I get the stuck feeling and sometimes a little slime. It doesn’t feel good in the least and I have had to excuse myself do some burping, chest hitting and what not. Does this happen to any of you?

I am still able to eat large amounts of food and therefore can’t wait to have my second fill that will be coming on December 7th, I wish it were sooner.

I have been reading but not commenting and I’m sorry for that, I will be a better blogger and follower. If only my little one could get his teeth Sad smile


Friday, November 11, 2011


Along with the

Kickin' Kriss Kringle's Kookies in the Kooter Challenge

I have entered the

Skinny Santa Challenge

Hey, I need all the motivation I can get. I want need to make it out of the Holiday season without gaining weight, and these challenges should help me along.

Now for the Skinny Santa Challenge  I have to list 5 places I like to shop... Well Ladies this will be the easiest thing I do this month no make that this year. I love to shop, I can joyfully shop in a gas station. So with that said here is where I spend most of my husbands money...

Old Navy
Barnes & Noble

But like I mentioned I'm happy to spend money any old place that will take it.

Good luck to all the ladies in the challenges as long as we all come out weighing less we will all win this season!

Now for my stats (I'm going to do a little copy and paste trick here from my post yesterday).

I weighed in today at 253.5 making it a loss of 3.9 pounds thus far for the month of November. I'm guesstimating that because I forgot to weigh in on November 1st and instead had weighed in on October 26th at which point I was 259.

I figured it out like so... weight on Oct 26th 259- 253.5 from today / 14 (number of days since last weigh in) = .39 pounds lost a day x 10 (# of days in November so far) = 3.9 pounds lost of the month of November. Yes I'm being neurotic :-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kickin' Kriss Kringle's Kookies in the Kooter Challenge!!!

I weighed in today at 253.5 making it a loss of 3.9 pounds thus far for the month of November. I'm guesstimating that because I forgot to weigh in on November 1st and instead had weighed in on October 26th at which point I was 259.

I figured it out like so... weight on Oct 26th 259- 253.5 from today / 14 (number of days since last weigh in) = .39 pounds lost a day x 10 (# of days in November so far) = 3.9 pounds lost of the month of November. Yes I'm being neurotic :-)

Monday, November 7, 2011


Good morning my lovelies!

Believe it or not I’ve been trying to blog for 4 days now and haven’t been able to put fingers to keys long enough to get it done. My little ones are pretty busy and I think the smallest of the Rascals is most definitely teething. He has been enjoying lots of cuddle time with Mommy (I think I’ve been enjoying it even more).

The time change also but a little hitch in our giddy up yesterday with both boys kinda fussy and pretty tired. Sugar Balls and the biggest Rascal were able to decorate our front porch with Christmas lights yesterday and it looks beautiful. I know this seems a bit early but the weather was a still chilly but beautiful sunny 50 degree day and we won’t have many more of those. We are going to a Christmas Tree farm on Sunday with the little ones and in In-Laws to cut down our trees. I know this also seems early but since we are cutting them down ourselves they will be nice and fresh and should be able to last nicely until after the holidays. I will be having surgery on the 17th for my carpel tunnel and that will require me to be in a cast for 11 days plus a brace for more days after that… I really want to do as much decorating as I can before that time. I will have the same surgery on my right hand later next year.

I’m so happy that I have my little ones and such a wonderful husband to really help me get into the spirit of things. After losing my Mother in September I didn’t know if I would be able to enjoy the holiday season but I’m finding myself excited as we teach our oldest about Santa and Christmas. I really want to do my best to make this a special time for my Mother's Husband as well, he is after all the only father I ever knew and such a wonderful man. I know presents can’t replace my Mom or necessarily make the day any easier but I’m happy that we have lots of stuff for him and that the boys will for sure bring him joy. He plans on visiting us this week so I know Rascal 1 will enjoy showing him the lights.

I’ve also started walking. When I set up my goals the first one I set  was that I would purchase a treadmill after completing at least 500 minutes of exercise within 5 months. I didn’t realize at the time that I would be able to easily do that. I never exercise, I don’t enjoy sweating, and I hate manual labor so I thought that it would be nearly impossible for me to do this. I’m happy to say that as of yesterday I have already logged 140 minutes and I just started on the 2nd. I bring my IPod and listen to podcasts and or music but I find myself mostly lost in thought. It was so beautiful and so sunny yesterday. I live in the middle of nowhere Maine woods (we recently moved here in 2009 to be closer to the In-Laws and I’m not really the outdoor type unless it is at the beach, lake or ocean but I have to admit it is beautiful here).
Usually when I’m walking I keep my eye out for animals as I have already seen 2 black bear cubs on my road along and numerous, raccoons, foxes, rabbits, skunks,  deer and moose. I think I’m most scared of running to a skunk, luckily they seem to only come out at night.

Yesterday as I was looking into the woods and the water beyond with the sun shining in my face I couldn’t help but think of my mother and her life and how short it was. My mother was only 17 when she had me and 44 when she died. I can’t imagine not being here in 17 years, not seeing my children as adults, not seeing Sugar Balls hair gray (although judging by his bother and father it will happen sooner than later. Sorry honey but we both know it is true… and I think you will look sexy not that your father or brother look sexy because that is gross and they don’t..yuck…double yuck Smile ).

My husband and I have sadly endured many great loses during our short 7 years together. When you lose loved ones especially young loved ones you really gain a new respect for life. You quickly learn to say I love you multiple times daily, to value family dinners, to really immerse ourselves into the lives of those we love, to hug tightly and just a second or two longer than normal. Sugar Balls and I truly value our life, our boys, our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, pets, our food, heat, water, EVERYTHING. Yes we sometimes get into modes where we find ourselves wanting things, superficial things, but doesn’t everyone? What I’m getting it and what I realized yesterday on my walk is that I have and do value every day of my life and those around me, every moment that I have, and every morning that I wake; but, I have not valued my health… Which is just crazy because I LOVE my life and I want it to be a very long one.

So why have I waited so long to get healthy, to get better? Well I also LOVE food and I have already associated food with celebration and happiness. I need to start loving myself more. I can’t let the lives of those we have loved and lost be in vain, I can't think back at the pain and sorrow and the sadness in their life ending and not grasp onto mine and get control of what I put into my body and how I treat my body. I will eat better, I will also still enjoy chocolate and pizza just not nearly as much. I will exercise because I can, walking is free, it is easy, and my surroundings although I’m not outdoorsy are beautiful. Yesterday as I put one foot in front of the other I thought of my Mom of my life and loves and it gave me the extra boost to walk a little quicker to push a little harder.

When I told my father about my WLS he had said my mother had always wished that I could get a grasp of my weight, that I could do something to get healthier. He told me she would be happy with my choice. I refuse to let my mom watch me from above and be disappointed with me, with what I am doing with this wonderful gift I have been given, with my band, with my boys, with SB, and with my time.