Monday, November 21, 2011

Forgive me ladies, for I have sinned


I have been a bad, bad, Bandster.

I have used my hand surgery as an excuse to eat "bad" things I shouldn't and I feel awful, both physically and mentally.

I have had Wendy's burgers, nuggets, fries.

Chinese food  by the truck load.

Enough pizza to turn me into the Dough Boy.

I can't blame the fact that I have zero restriction for my recent eating habits.  I know the band can't change what I eat it can only help me feel full sooner. I know that once I feel full I can still shove more into my pie hole even with the band. So I am not blaming my lack of restriction on why I have been eating how I have. With that said I really can't wait to feel some restriction. My next fill is on December 7th!!!

I'm taking part in the Skinny Santa Challenge and the KKKKKKKKKKKKK Challenge and have yet to do another weigh in because I have a cast on. My cast comes off on the 28th of November and I plan on doing a weigh in the next day on the 29th (so I can do it at my normal time of day). I'm not counting myself out of the challenge yet, I still think I can reach my 20 pound goal if I get my head back in the game.

I have also been slacking on the exercise. I can't walk until my husband gets home and it is almost dark at the point (no way am I walking where I live in the dark) and it is also FREEZING (Damn Maine weather) I really, really, really with a fat free cheery on top want a treadmill so badly but we don't have the cash on hand and I don't want to put it on a charge card. I also feel bad about making such a big purchase for myself during the holidays... The closest gym is 40 minutes away and it isn't even a real gym with treadmills it is a Curves... UGH. Hopefully in the new year I will be able to get a treadmill. I will use it, I promise, I know I will, I WANT to use it.

Tomorrow is a new day and I plan to make it my day! I'm going to do this.



  1. You are right ... tomorrow is a new day ! I know you, well, WE can do it !

  2. You can do it girl! We all fall of the wagon to some degree on our journey! I just have to tell myself my big ole belly wasn't made in a month or two, and neither will it be fixed. :) chin up! And congrats to committing to making changes!

  3. You can do it. When your hand is feeling better consider doing exercise DVD's. They even have one for walking and they change the scenary as you walk, at least you wouldn't be out in the freezing cold. Good Luck, and I hope your hand gets to feeling better.

  4. New follower! I am also from New England, and I know how it can be with the weather! Walking outside when it gets frigid is truly not fun, and not worth it! By the time you actually get your heart rate up in that kind of weather, you either have hypothermia or have turned into a block of ice. Best of luck getting back on the wagon. Good for you for realizing you fell off!

  5. Get back on the pony hunny bun - you can do it. I too make endless excuses for everything... I have had pizza and a couple nuggets since surgery... and don't even get me started on mac n cheese (I can no longer live in America for that reason alone!)... you are fantastically fabulous - don't forget it. xxx

  6. I know what you mean. Do you have access to one of the interactive video game consoles? That helps me a ton!

    We're all suffering through this same thing this time of year, so at least you're in good company! Recruit SB to help keep you accountable when he's home, if you can stomach being told, "PUT IT DOWN!!" You know how men are. ;)

  7. I'm in Maine too-- where are you? We've had better weather for November than I can every remember!
    Congrats on meeting the goals of your challenge!