Weight day of surgery 274.6 (9/18/11)

Out of 270’s

Out of 260’s

Out of 250’s

Out of 240’s

Out of 230’s

Out of 220’s

Out of 210’s

-25 lbs

-50 lbs

-75 lbs

Weigh 199 or less

-100 lbs

Weigh 199 or less

Weigh less than my Husband (currently at 173)

Sit comfortable and confidently on my husband’s lap 

Let my husband pick me up

Be on top ;-)

Shop in the regular clothing section with my friends

Fit my calves into boots

Fit into the seats on the Hollywood Rip Tide Rockit

Fit comfortable into a airplane seat

Go on a Zip-Line

Bungee Jump.....maybe

Go on the Amazing Race

Feel good about my appearance when I look in the mirror

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