Saturday, December 3, 2011


BYOC Saturday Edition (which is the same as Fridays, I'm just a slacker)

1. Describe the structure you live in. (apartment, condo, house, mansion, cardboard box?)

I live in a 1 story, 3 bedroom, one play room, 2 bathroom house that is almost 2000 sq feet and is red. Sugar Balls and I designed it ourselves and were able to move in almost a month after our first Rascal was born. I knew I wanted babies and therefore we went with the one story. There is also a basement that will one day be finished into a large family/play room.

2. Describe the city you live in. (population, main attractions)

So I have had some good chuckles at some of you when you described your towns as "small". I live in a town of 111 people. We do not have a main street just a state road that drives through town. There is one store in my town and up until October it was owned by my In-laws... The tiny general story also houses the towns Post Office and library aka help yourself book drop off and pick up.

There is no town school, town hall, town playground... there is nothing

The main attraction is our crazy hoarder guy Colby who wears bright pink rain boots, has many a buses and other "goods" all of which he will sell you for 20 bucks.

There are many camps in the area owned by "Out of Staters" and are occupied for bear and deer season and also during the summer as there are some nice lakes in the area. We also have a family camp about 20 minutes from my house that we love to use. The lake is nice and clam for the kids to swim in and my little one loves going there.

I'm also the town treasurer so if you ever read about a small town being bankrupt in Maine it might just be me.... not really, I have a calculator.

3. Why do you live in the town you live in? (job, to get away from a different town, family, schools?)

Maine has two well known cities with lots of shopping, schools, restaurants, etc. Sugar Balls and I use to live in one of those back in our dating days. I had a high paying job with lots of hours and stress and he was teaching at a local school. Before we got married we knew we wanted a house and babies and we know that we couldn't afford to have both where we were. We had made plans to move in with my In-laws (I LOVE my in-laws, so it worked out well) and save for some land and to build a home. On our wedding night my In-Laws surprised us with a receipt for the piece of land next to their house. We had always said how much we loved it and wanted it, but the previous owners and family friends hadn't wanted to sell. We were so excited and spent the next year planning our dream home and baby making.

We didn't want our children to have to play in the paved parking lot of our apartment building, only seeing us for a few hours a night and going to an expensive daycare for the rest of the time, so the move was perfect for us.

Sugar Balls did have to agree to get me a pool that has yet to come but it will!

I still miss my old city but go often to see friends and this really is the best play for my children. 

4. What’s the view like from your backyard?

Our view is very green... lots of trees pines, oaks, maples, furs, you name it. I'm not sure how much land we have but it is a lot and our only neighbors will always be my in-laws. Sugar Balls cousin and her husband live down the road with their little girl and his Aunt and Uncle are close by on the same road as well. I love that when my boys are bigger they will have tons of grass, trees, a pond, vegetable gardens, snow/four wheeler trailers, rives, lakes, streams and what not all within seconds of their home.

I on the other hand am not one with nature... I like being at the beach or the lake. I'm not a woods girl, I hate bugs and well we have lots!

5. Repeat question: How has your week been in blogland and in real life?

Blogland could have been better, I have been reading a lot but not contributing as much as I should or would like to.

In real live I'm still struggling with the loss of my mom. Lack of sleep, and a teething baby. I'm happy to say that not a day passes that I don't have multiple people, moments, and things that I'm very thankful for. 


  1. I hear you on the bugs :)
    Sorry things are tough right now with the holidays, your Mom gone, and a kiddo teething. I'm glad you're hanging in there and posting occasionally!

  2. Lucy I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum. Hope this week goes well for you! Sending *hugs* your way. xox

  3. 111 peoople ... hilarious. I'm sorry about your Mom ... it's rough and so much pressure. Do your own thing and be good to yourself !

  4. That is wonderful how your in-laws gave you the land. How awesome is that.

    But as I told another blogger, I wouldn't be able to live where there are only 111 people.. lol

  5. Sounds like a lovely place to live and raise children! I suppose you don't have a Walmart either!!