Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kickin' Kriss Kringle's Kookies in the Kooter Challenge!!!

I weighed in today at 253.5 making it a loss of 3.9 pounds thus far for the month of November. I'm guesstimating that because I forgot to weigh in on November 1st and instead had weighed in on October 26th at which point I was 259.

I figured it out like so... weight on Oct 26th 259- 253.5 from today / 14 (number of days since last weigh in) = .39 pounds lost a day x 10 (# of days in November so far) = 3.9 pounds lost of the month of November. Yes I'm being neurotic :-)


  1. OMG!! you sure are KICKIN him in the KOOTER that's for sure!!!!!!! LOL Rock it girl!!

  2. You're doing great ! Keep it going, girl !

  3. Great job, that's how much I've lost this month, too! LOL