Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Review

We were lucky enough to enjoy a long weekend with SB so I’m just now getting around to a blog update. 

I started the C25K program on Saturday. My motivation came from Dawnya who told us all on Thursday to “remember that healthy living does not have weekends off” and I got even more motivation on Saturday from Camille, who didn’t want to run but ran anyway.   

I really did have both of these ladies in mind during my first attempt at C25K. I got to the mid way point and was ready to stop and just finish walking. My breathing was a little hard and my legs were tired. But I knew I wasn’t at my stopping point, I knew I had more in me. So I thought of those ladies and I kept going. 

I took my littlest one with me on Saturday and did a little grocery shopping while SB and the other Rascal did a little ice skating at the end of our road. We had a friend over Saturday night and watch the NFL Playoffs. I’m not a big football fan but I was out voted. 

I also started playing Words with Friends this weekend with Laura Belle and got to chat a little with her. That was fun but between you and I, I think she might cheat. 

Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like to lose, unless its weight?  

When I woke up on Sunday my legs were a little sore to say the least from my running the day before. It was a good sore and I welcome it. Sunday was a lazy day for us, we did some cleaning, played with the boys and by 1 all 4 of us were napping. It was great. We spent the evening at my In-laws eating turkey breast and catching up. 

We were super excited that SB was off on Monday. I did a complete clean out of our master bath the bleach smell is still in the air. After I was done cleaning SB decided that he too was going to try to C25K and he also completed day 1. By this point I had already showered and was ready to call my cleaning my “exercise” for the day but watching him do it motived me to do day 2. I did day 2 with my ankles and legs yelling at me the entire time. I also watched videos on the computer teaching me to do sit ups with my exercise ball. Once I’m sure that I’m doing them properly I will join Ronnie and Brandi in the 200 sit-up challenge. 

I also became Facebook friends with  Ronnie so that was pretty exciting. Since I’m in the closet about my band I will only friend people who wont talk about Lapband with me on Facebook. I’m way more open about myself in my blog but at least on Facebook you can put a face to me and see my family. So if anyone wants to be Facebook friends please let me know and I’ll e-mail you. Also remember this post about my stage name

I'm getting lots of protein but I have noticed that I'm shedding a little more than normal. It may be because I'm also growing my hair out again and when it gets long I do tend to shed. I have some suppliments coming from GNC that will hopefully help the issue. 

I haven’t weighed myself yet this week because it is my TOM and I don’t want it to depress me. As it is I feel depressed when I look down Sad smile just one of those days. Here are my numbers from the last time I weighed in. 

1/14/12 239.7 LBS
Total loss since 9/8/11 35lbs
Total inches lost since 11/3/11 (including neck, waist, and hips) 8.5 inches.

My head is pounding and since by some small miracle I was able to get both boys down for a nap I too am going to join in.


  1. What.Ever. Don't you see this halo above my head??!! I'm an angel! lol.

    It is fun playing though!!!! Btw, i'm sending you a FB email. We shall not only be words with friends but the book of face friends also!

  2. Hi Lucy, I just found your blog. It looks like you're doing great! I was banded in February 2010 and have lost 115 lbs. I am now at goal. You can visit me at http://amandakiska.blogspot.com

  3. That's why I love reading everyone's experience. It really does inspire me too.

  4. Good for you for getting out there and getting it done!

  5. Good for you for getting it done. That is a huge NSV. Even when you don't want to move...you move and you are always happy you did after it's all said and done.

    Go Lucy!!

  6. Yay for being FB friends! I'm proud of you for doin' the dang thing. Which reminds me, I need to start my second week of my sit-up challenge. Thanks for motivating me!! :)