Friday, January 20, 2012

My Same Day Fill and Un-fill

Wednesday I went to see the good old Doctor for a needed fill. Now I have been questioning my fill level but still thought I need a little more to make it just right. The Doctor noticed that my weight loss has slowed down a little and after talking with me said he would add 1cc to my band that already had 4cc. 

He did the fill, I drank the water in his office, it went down fine and I was on my way.
Once I got to my vehicle I did my normal routine of drinking lots of water to see how it goes down. Normally I have no issue taking frequent large swallows of water but this was not the case after my fill. I would take one swallow and have to burp I could also feel a bit of a struggle going on inside (sometimes for me it is so hard to describe how something feels internally). I decided to run some errands in the area and drink, drink, drink to kind of test it out. Now I’m not a milkshake or slider food user but I decided to get a milkshake for its thickness and test my band with that. This filled me even quicker than the water with more burps. I let things calm down and did some shopping. 

Once I was done with my errands I tried drinking more water and still experienced the same issue. I called my Doctors and spoke with his Nurse who said it was up to me, that I could wait it out and see how I felt in the morning and that I may need an un-fill. Well I live 3 hours from my Doctor and I could just tell that I had too much in my band so I asked if I could come back in at that moment and get half of my 1 cc fill taken out. 

Once I got back to the office both the Nurse and Doctor told me how good it was that I knew my body and didn’t leave the band tight. According to them it happens all to often were someone gets a little too much in their band and thinks it might be a good thing and help them lose quicker. In reality all that person gets is sick, possibly damagers their band and insides and some according to my Doctor have to go to the ER during the weekend due to tightness. 

So I’m at 4.5cc and it feels perfect, I’m hoping to notice even more restriction as it goes on, but I didn’t want to be in a situation were I couldn’t even drink water without having to burp. Normally when I have over eaten with the band a burp is my signal to stop so I knew it just couldn’t be right to be experiencing this feeling with water. 

I think of my band as a new organ that I need to take care of to ensure my health and well being. Do you? Have you risked you and your bands safety by having it too tight? Be careful!



  1. Good job on knowing yourself...hope the fill is perfect.

  2. This was very smart on your part. I have been at the point where I know I should probably turn around and go back, but tell myself to give it a day. It is definitely not worth it if you know your to tight. Good for you! I hope you go far with this fill!

  3. way to not make yourself have to drive back another 3 hrs one way! I hope this fill helps you and jump starts some loss for you!

  4. You handled that perfectly. I have never been too tight. Doc says you should never struggle with fluids and I never have. But I've been pretty conservative with fills. Hubby got too tight right after his port surgery but got unfilled within hours. Not a fun way to live.

  5. glad you are listening to your body and band!!

  6. Glad you're listening to your signals. So many people DO just leave it tight and try to suffer through it... no one should live like that! Proud of you. :)