Sunday, January 8, 2012

PBing like a Mother you-know-whater

So I have been PBing like it is my job. I did it in the drive thru lane at the bank, in my in-laws bathroom, in my bathroom, on the side of route 6, at an animal reserve, the list goes on and on.  

As we all know one needs to chew, chew, chew when they have the band.

A good bander will take a small bite and chew, chew, chew their food into oblivion. They will not drink as they eat. They will not overeat. They will just chew, chew, chew their small, small, small bites and enjoy their protein first meal. Always.

Here is what I have been doing for oh say 2 months. Because I’m a very slow learner.

I take a normal or slightly large bite of food. Chomp down on the goods. Think to myself yum! Chew. Swallow. Think to myself that I’m a MORON and need to take a small bite and chew, chew, chew. So I take a kinda small bite and chew, chew, swallow. Progress has been made but by this point I’ve already put myself into a bad situation. I now have a lodged piece of food burning a spot in my chest and I’m saying a quick prayer that I don’t choke. Prayer said, hands in the air, nothing is working. I think to myself "oh I know, I’ll take a drink". I take a drink... I'm now thinking to myself "OH SHIT! I shouldn’t have done that". Why? Because there is no place for the liquid to go expect back up. I do this every time. EVERY. TIME. 

So now I have myself in a situation of not knowing if my fill level is where it needs to be or if I just really need to bite and chew the proper way ALL of the time and not just when I’m sitting alone enjoying a meal (which never happens). 

My next fill is scheduled for January 18th and in preparation for this fill I am going to go back on liquids starting tomorrow. I’m not sure how long I will last but I hope to last 3 days and slowly work my way back. I hope this will help me to get better habits and also determine if I’m at the level that works for me. My current level is 4ccs.

Any advice Ladies? I could use it.



  1. Like a mother-you-know-whatter...LOL. Hope you get some great advice from the banded bloggers.

  2. I wish I could help, but I am also a slow learner....

  3. I am a super slow learner too... I have been trying to consciously chew slower - take a small mini bite, put my fork down, chew chew chew chew chew chew chew swallow half chew chew chew swallow the other half. breathe. count to 20. repeat. I find that putting down my fork in between bites helps slow me down (and avoids the shovelling of food quickly into my mouth lol) xxx

  4. I'm not a great chewer, either.

    Just don't keep water (or your liquid of choice) handy while eating. That's the only advice I got.

  5. What I really wanted to say and what I'm thinking is PBing like a Mother Fucker (my all time fave go to swear) but SB will read this and he is all goodie goodie so I did it to make the hubs a happy camper :-)

  6. My advice: the liquids are a good idea. Gives your band a chance to calm down. When I have bad PB's I need to baby my band more or it gets worse with each meal so that should give you a better indication of what your fill level is doing for you. Also, I just don't keep liquids on the table when I eat, it's too tempting. Also, try eating with a smaller fork or spoon. If you've got kiddos, I know you've got some hanging around. It's helped me.

  7. I'm a slow learner too. I've really been struggling lately with tightness and getting stuck a bunch. It's frustrating, because I'm already 3 bites in before I realize it's not going to work out. I never drink with meals, but I do use a drink to speed up the process when I'm stuck...ewww, the things we go through, ha ha! I think liquids is a great idea, the band needs time to calm down when you've been a PB machine! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I, too, am not sure if I'm doing things right. I don't have problems with anything! I went and got a fill on Monday (for a total of 4ccs) and went back on Thursday to get a slight unfill bc I was having problems with mushies. Now that I got .5ccs out, and am back to easy eating (i dont have to take tiny bits and everything feels normal going down), I think I should have just stuck with where I was at and learned to make it work. So I guess I'm a slow learner too. Hope we both figure this thing out! LOL