Friday, December 9, 2011

You Really Shouldn't Eat that

How would you feel if someone said to you "You really shouldn't eat that, you are going to kill yourself" ?

I can't remember if I saw this in a magazine or on TV because it has been years since but the topic has stuck with me.

The topic was about how society outcasts smokers often saying "smoking will kill you"The debate was why don't people ever say anything to the obese person for eating to much food when we say negative things to smokers all the time?

I am guilty of telling loved ones that I need them to stop smoking because I want them to live longer... I have never had a loved one tell me that I need to stop eating because they want me to live longer.

Truth be told if someone told me that it would hurt. It would be true but it would hurt. But I get it.

Has anyone ever told you this?

Are you a smoker? Has anyone ever said negative things about your smoking?

Is telling someone why they shouldn't smoke the same as telling another why they shouldn't eat?

What do you think?


  1. No one has ever said this to me. I agree that it would hurt, and is probably just as dangerous as smoking.

  2. It is like the last taboo isn't it. I'm a smoker (though sometimes go for a week or more without smoking, seem to just be able to put it down without any trouble or cravings) and lots of people including my best friend have been very critical of it. But no one ever says anything about the food issue. I guess overeating is a far more emotional issue than smoking so people are wary of hurting people's feelings. Interesting blog post! x

  3. My husband has reminded me after I asked him to when dieting a few years back.. but never had anyone say about food without me asking. And the smoking? I was a smoker 10 years. No one ever told me to quit. But I also would talk often about how I knew I needed to. So I did.. and gained 80 lbs!

  4. Im a smoker and I hear it all the time. I think its rude and annoying.

  5. I think the trouble is that we need food to survive and that makes it a more taboo topic than smoking. My mom is obese, too, and she's also a smoker. Sure, I've begged her to quit smoking, but, I guess as a fellow fatty, I've never told her not to eat something, even though her weight has caused her to become diabetic. She does very well with her food choices now, but the smoking thing is definitely an issue.

  6. I am a past smoker and yeah, people would often say I need to stop. But they never have with the food. I guess the difference is you can completely stop smoking where you can't do that with food. You still need to eat. What we need to do is just stop eating the wrong foods, but that is so hard at times.

  7. food is a necessity to life so I think people stay clear of saying things even though they are probably thinking it.

  8. One of my sisters is a smoker, and I obviously have a problem with food. Years back we both agreed it would be hypocritical for either of us to say anything to each other!

  9. I think this every time I think about the stuff I was eating back when, and I know I was killing myself. Maybe we should tell others that, might open their eyes about the dangers of obesity. Then again, with the obesity-mania happening in the media these days (seems everything is about "Guess what obesity might do to you now! The surprising new facts Hostess doesn't want you to know!").