Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ever lie to the DMV?

So I had to get my License renewed and in the spirit of mankind hating the DMV I quickly agreed to all of the questions. 

I opted to keep the same picture because I looked far better in the photo than the day of, I stated that yes the address is correct although we will be dropping the PO Box soon and going to a mail box, so I screwed that one up. I also gave a big fat lying yes in regards to all the other info.

Oh yeah I also said I would gladly give my organs should I ever no longer be in need of them. Something I actually do strongly believe in. 

I got my new license today which by the way has been changed and is totally ugly… way to go Maine.

Anyway the weight listed on it lets say I don’t know 6 years ago? Was 180 lbs. was I 180 lbs 6 years ago? No I’m pretty sure the last time I was 180 was age 5… no make that birth. 

So I’m currently 247 pounds. 247-180= 67… I know I’m a total math whiz right? 

Anyhow for the first time since I got my license at age six to the teen I didn’t feel guilty about lying because I know that I can will drop the 67 pounds. Hell I think I will drop it before this time next year.

What about you ladies, ever lie to the DMV? I won’t tell Santa. 



  1. I lied when I got my learner's permit. Then right after I passed my driver's test, the examiner asked if the information on my permit was correct. I answered, "It's as correct as I want it to be." She didn't think it was funny. :P I'm 33 now, and to think, I lied about my weight at the age of 15 1/2.

  2. Oh yeah! When I got my license at 16. I put the true weight- 190. When I renewed it at 21- I just kept the 190... I really weighed 250 ish. I wonder if the ladies are ever like "BS, no way she weighs that." I now weigh 199:) So I almost weigh the same as I did when I was 16. I remember feeling so fat then. Now, I think i'm looking pretty good!
    Good for you, and I know you will drop the 67 pounds!

  3. ummm, mine says 185 and I haven't weighed that since HS!! LOL c'est la vie! lol

  4. I am so bad...I have had 145 on there forever!! I am not sure I even weighed that when I got my license at 16. Eekk!

  5. Yeah, I definitely lied about my weight last time I was in there... which was when I was 18. LOL I was supposed to renew on my 24th b-day... but I never did go take a new picture. I think I will sometime next week.

  6. Who DOESN'T lie to the DMV? LOL! My license says I'm 216 so I must've been honest at some point. I'm now 162...Waiting until I hit goal before I change it.

  7. HA HA I've lied on every single license I've had.....TX doesn't put your weight on the license thank heavens but now I kind of want it on there to say look this is actually the truth! I do need to update my license because my picture on there was back when I was 270 lbs, now I am 145, kind of a big difference, I've had people not believe it was me in the photo when I get ID'd.

  8. I am very happy to report ha in Australia, we don't have our weight on our licenses. It is one of the few good things about our 'DMV' :o)

    And I can't wait to hear you celebrate the fact that you no longer have to lie on yours :o)

  9. Haha, yeah I'm sure most of us have lied to the DMV! You'll be 180 before you know it!

  10. I'm pretty sure everyone lies about their weight! Mine says i'm 110- and let me tell you, I am not 110! It also says i'm 5'9- I am so not that tall! In my dreams.


  11. Hi- I was unable to comment to your newest post so I moved down to the last post.
    Anyway, this time of year, any loss is a bog win. You are doing great and I am proud of you.