Friday, September 23, 2011

O-R-E.....oh :-(

So it has been 15 days since I had my surgery and today was the first day that I had a snack attack. Not just a snack attack but it was the first day that I felt like I could have eaten all day and didn't feel full it all, it was just like old times.

I started off good having my chocolate Unjury protein shake mixed with warm skim milk (so yummy. I moved on to a Chobani pomegranate yogurt. Yesterday I probably wouldn't have been able to finish all 6oz of the yogurt without feeling full but today it did nothing for me.

Shortly after that like say 2 hours later I had 1-2 oz of deli chicken (I can now have cold cuts and canned tuna yay me!) a couple pieces of smoked Gouda and 3 crackers. Still not full!!! Even wit the crackers I wasn't full.

Have I mentioned that I'm a stay at home Mom so when I have a craving or am hungry it is even harder to redirect myself as I'm always in the kitchen/living area. One of my babies is still on the bottle and his soy formula doesn't look appealing at all but my 2 year old eats frequently and any food at this point looks good to me... well today it looked REALLY good I almost licked his face clean instead of using a washcloth ... I know sick, right?

So here is here the day gets bad.... Both boys go down for their afternoon nap and I'm also really tired so I figure I'll take a nap with them... but my stomach was telling my head that it was hungry and not only was it hungry but it wanted some of those yummy Oreo cookies my husband and little one have. Not only are the yummy but they have the orange filling for Halloween to make them seem even healthier!

I'm not proud but I ended up having 2 which is way better than the 6 I normally would have had and is also a serving size. I ate them LOVED them and regretfully logged it into my food journal. I didn't feel good about eating the Oreo cookies but I also understand that this lapband thing just isn't some other diet it is a way of life and I know that there is no way I could happily live life never having another Oreo so with that I'm very proud that I did only have the serving size.

I'm enjoying another protein shake right but while feeling sooooooo HUNGRY!

My first fill isn't until 10/26 so I'm hoping that today is just a fluke and that I'll be happy once again with the 1/2 of food per meal.

On the bright side I have lost 3 pounds since last weighing myself on 9/14 putting me at 263. I can't wait to be out of the 60's.

Has anyone else had a food break down?


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