Thursday, February 9, 2012

Advice Please


As you may recall I had both a fill and un-fill on January 20th (as written here).

I have since been having some small problems that continue to happen in general and not just when I eat too quickly, don’t chew well enough, and eat foods that don’t get along with my band.

When eating moist chicken for example: I will chew it right and sometimes as soon as the first bite but often after a couple bites I start to “feel” my band. I’m not sure if it is my band that I’m feeling but I am getting a feeling very similar to getting something stuck. Most often there is nothing stuck and sometimes I have had to PB. I know it isn’t due to eating too much because I’m getting this feeling after just a few bites, we are talking about 1/4 cup of food here.

I looked online and I do not have indigestion, or night coughs but my weight loss has slowed and again I’m uncomfortable whenever I eat. The only time I don’t notice this feeling is when I’m eating yogurt or another slider type food.

I’m often tight in the morning and get the burps after drinking just a little but this eases up and my Doctor did inform me morning tightness is normal.

Okay long story short, I called my Doctors today and spoke with one of the lovely ladies or I believe also had a band if not she had gastric (she has talked about it with others but I haven’t caught what procedure she has, just that she has had one). She told me that I shouldn’t being feel discomfort when I eat and that I should only feel that when I don’t chew right, don’t eat the right foods, or eat to much. Just as I had read online.

So I scheduled an appointment for an un-fill next Wednesday.

Do you think I was right in doing so, is what I’m experiencing normal for you veterans?

I just don’t want to back step I really want to get this right and it is so hard when you don’t really know what to feel and what is normal.

I am currently at 4.5 ccs and I’m hoping that the doc will just take me down to 4.25ccs as last time I felt as if 4ccs wasn’t enough.

Any thoughts?



  1. I have problems with chicken and know a lot of bandsters who do. I sometimes can feel things going through my band too. It is something I have had to get used to. You have to be comfortable with your band. Do what you feel is the right thing for you (as far as fill and unfill). Everyone is so different.

  2. Sometimes I have issues with chicken. But if you're only NOT feeling it with sliders, then it seems as though you're too tight. You want to be able to eat solid protein and veggies. I think a small tweak would be good. Then again, I'm pretty conservative with fills so to each their own.

  3. I don't know what to suggest, as I've never had this problem before, especially with moist chicken, but I hope you can find a happy medium between just a smidge too tight and zero restriction at all!

  4. I had this same problem after my last fill and let it go a couple of days just on liquids. I ended up calling the doctor and they did a barium swallow and said I was definitely too tight so they unfilled me .5cc. She also mentioned that stress and my cycle can make you tighter, and sure enough I was with a full blown Aunt Flo. Now that she's gone I can definitely be quite sure that is what is was. I go back on Monday and hope to put in that .5cc, maybe more.

  5. I think you did the right thing. I've had the same problems and it's no fun to get 'that feeling' when you are trying to eat the right foods and not sliders. How are you doing now?