Wednesday, February 8, 2012



So I have been around but I have not been a good blogger. Thanks to a friend I’m addicted to a new book trilogy and that has been keeping me from my blog. If anyone likes a good romance with some added adult smut you really must read the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy by E.L. James. Really good book.

I weighed in yesterday for only a .2 pound loss… that is point two… ugh. I did take off 3 days from exercise during my Birthday extravaganza but I didn’t eat too badly.

Speaking of my B-day Saturday night we went to a friends house for poker and board games (two of our favorite things). When we do this as a group  we always order pizza. I didn’t want to load up on pizza but I also didn’t have any choices that wouldn’t come to me having at least been fried. I went with Chicken Fingers. The fingers were really good homemade chicken with a very, very thin batter. However, they were dry. I was able to slowly eat two but had to excuse myself and PB in the bathroom due to the dryness. Now I had already been told how good I was looking so I was just hoping that they wouldn’t hear me and think that I had a new eating disorder (I consider overeating like I was before as an eating disorder). Thankfully no one heard me. I went back and did have 1 piece of pizza. Our friend is also a manager for Lindt chocolate so as usually there was lots of that. He very nicely gave us some 70% dark chocolate for Valentines day and I kept it because well 70% dark if not eaten in large amounts isn’t bad for you. Over all I did great. I had the2 chicken fingers, 1 piece of pizza, and two chocolates. I did not have chips or soda.

For my birthday meal my MIL made me homemade baked beans and red hotdogs. If you aren’t from New England you may not understand my request for that as a b-day meal and you may have never in your life heard of red hotdogs. She also made homemade rolls and got me my favorite birthday cake.



I also had to celebrate my birthday during the Super Bowl ugh! So I read my book, enjoyed family company and watched the commercials.

So my weight is just not coming off at the speed that I think it could be. I have lost 37.7 pounds since my surgery on September 8th. That is an average of 7.5 pounds a month. But my weight loss has slowed and the majority of that loss is from the beginning of this trip.

To help me along I have set some goals.

1) Exercise more. Do more cardio in addition to the c25k program and add in strength training.

2) Have 3 to 4 protein shakes a day. I always notice more weight loss when I’m using the Unjury Protein Drinks.

3) Log my food even if I hate doing it!

4) Water, Water, Water, H. 2. O.

My new mini weight loss goal is to be under 200 by July 8th. That is 5 months from today and I think I’m setting the bar kinda low so if I work at it I know I can do it.

I hope you are all doing better than me because I need to read your blogs and push to be like youSmile


  1. You're doing great so far! Don't get too hung up on the pace. Down is down and that's what matters. I think you've set some very doable goals for all you have to do is do it!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. YOu are doing great since your surgery. It's not how fast you run the race...just that you finish. Keep that in mind.

  3. Awesome job on setting some goals and refocusing. :)

    PS: Happy Birthday!

  4. Lucy...I think you're doing great! 7.5 pounds a month on average is right in line with where you are supposed to be. I know sometimes we want to lose faster, but just keep making good choices and the weight will come off.

  5. Sounds like a great Birthday! And your goal sounds very doable :o)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Not sure if I said it...probably not!) But yay for getting back on track with the goals! You're doing amazing! Keep it up and be proud of your achievements thus's certainly not the end!

  7. I think you're doing pretty good so far with your weight loss, don't stress over where you think you SHOULD be, just think about where you are.

    So glad you had such a good birthday! A loss is a loss in a week with pizza and cake, even if it was alot less than usual. :)