Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

For the past year-plus I have been researching and taking the steps needed to have Lap Band Surgery. With my surgery date set I've decided to come out of the shadows and create my own blog. There have been so many people who have inspired me via their own blogs that I feel I too should try to aid those in the pursue of a healthier lifestyle a-la Lap Band. I'm also hopeful that I can use blogger as a tool to keep me on my toes by tracking my journey, logging my daily food intake, and sharing both laughs and I'm sure tears along the way.

With that said....

My name is Lucy I'm a 27 year old college educated stay at home Mom of two beautiful boys one 2 and one really, really new :-) I'm also a wife to the most supportive, loving, empathetic,dorky :-), handsome husband in the world.

I have ALWAYS been overweight in fact I'm pretty positive that when born I was weighed on the adult scale and not the baby scale. I have lost and gained back weight my entire life. I've never been able to say I was at a healthy weight. With the birth of my beautiful boys and the love of my wonderful husband I came to realize that I need to change my life and my weight for good. I have too much to miss out on and refuse to continue killing myself with food. I honestly believe that I am slowly killing myself in my current state.I will not have my children see their mother deal with heart issues, diabetes and other health issues because I can't get a grip on my weight.

As of today I am 275 pounds making me the heaviest I've ever been (aside from when I was pregnant with my most recent son. I weighed 304 pounds before delivery).

Please don't think I'm ashamed of Lap Band by blurring out my face in pictures. I am absolutely proud of the tool I'm about to put into my body. I'm blurring my pictures because I do not want the added stress of non-supportive people in my day to day life judging me. I do have the support of my Best Friend, Mother In Law, and my amazing Husband. I don't believe that I will always keep this between me and my support group but for now I need to focus on me and my weight loss, something that I know will be challenge enough for now...

With that said I would love to have the support of any and all who want to join me on here.

Up Coming Events

Pre-OP 8/29/11

Surgery 9/8/11

Post-OP 9/14/11

Post-OP Dietary Appointment 10/27/11

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